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Healthy Food

It can be difficult to find healthy foods when eating out, especially in Suffolk. Here is how to maintain healthy eating when eating out. It is something we have surely all struggled with at some point. The second you commit to a diet outside the norm, whether it be vegan, gluten free, organic, or just the vague notion of ‘eating healthier’, every restaurant visit gets more complicated. Every time the evening starts promisingly, as you peruse the seemingly extensive menu at whatever restaurant you have decided to give a chance to prove itself. But the list of menu options seemingly shrinks down and down as you read through mountains of small print, until you are left with one meagre, sad looking salad made from a variety of often tasteless leaves that are long past their best. As you watch your companions tuck into their delicious stacked plates of tasty but unhealthy food, you can begin to question whether it was all worth it. This problem should not exist, but it does. All too often a meal out has to be a point of compromise, because restaurants aren’t giving us any choice when it comes to healthy tasty food. It is an odd dilemma, because it is not a dichotomy that exists in the home. When you are cooking for yourself, there are a wealth of healthy, delicious meals available to you. Cookbook after cookbook is filled with them, but even this poses issues. Whether it is expensive, hard to find ingredients, or complicated and timely step by step instructions, this option is not always accessible to everyone. We do not always have the time or energy to cook delicious and healthy food from scratch, and we shouldn’t always have to. People who have ‘unusual’ dietary requirements have just as much right to a nice meal out as anyone else and should not have to be resigned to an afterthought at the bottom of the menu under the ‘healthy option’ label which ultimately means they are giving you the same food as everyone else on a children’s plate. There are things you can do to overcome this dilemma however. A lot of it does come down to research. If you know where you want to go, it is always good to look through a menu in advance to check they have some good options available that meet your needs. If these are difficult to find, never be afraid to ask, as no one is going to know their menu better than the restaurant itself, and this offers the ability to start a dialogue with restaurants about the fact they often aren’t catering to everyone. Some restaurants may also be open to making changes to items on the menu to make them more suitable, such as preparing them slightly differently, or substituting certain foods with others. It is also always important to examine a menu critically. ‘Vegan’ is not always synonymous with healthy, or ‘salad’ with gluten free. It is often necessary to evaluate the claims the restaurant is making against the actual ingredients and calorie content involved. We understand this research-intensive method can be stressful however. Sometimes, you just want to be able to relax and go out for an enjoyable meal without having to spend precious time weighing up your options. If you are looking for a relaxing eating out experience, with readily available healthy and tasty food, Yurt Café Organics is ready and waiting to cater for you.