About Us

A foreword from our founder:

“Simply put: I love food! I have always loved cooking and enjoy healthy eating, but I always find myself struggling with healthier meal choices when eating out. I invite you to come and try out my Bistro, where from breakfast, afternoon tea to lunch and dinner, I guarantee you will find something different, healthy and nourishing!”

Welcome to delicious home cooked  food.

Yurt Bistro was founded with a belief that food can be both delicious and nourishing. There should be no sacrifice of health in the name of enjoying food, and healthy options can be few and far between when eating out. Often a commitment to healthy eating is a life resigned to accepting one sad looking, overpriced salad that hasn’t been ordered all day as your meal. Eating out is a treat, and that is why our Bistro is designed to bring you a jam-packed, delicious menu of meals that both healthy and taste good. Yurt Bistro is built around good, wholesome food. Our Bistro prides itself on its range of healthy meals. Our menu is full of whole foods, and caters to a range of healthy lifestyle choices, from vegan to gluten free. We want to make finding restaurants that are both healthy and tasty easy. Our restaurant aims to share with you the love of healthy, and tasty food. We are also committed to sustainability. Our menu relies on largely seasonal, locally produced produce, often from our very own garden, to ensure our business is as environmentally friendly as possible. We don’t want to fall into the food waste pitfalls our industry can often fall victim to. We are also proud that through our commitment to supporting local farmers so much of our menu is able to support the local community. We are a team of friendly foodies who cannot wait for you to come by and enjoy the wonderful array of meals and snacks we have to offer. Whether you are just popping in for an organic coffee, light lunch, dinner or afternoon tea in our beautiful surrounding gardens, you know that what you are getting is prepared with love and an intention to nourish. We care about our customers and the planet, and everything we do is centred around this ethos.

Healthy, nourishing, and downright delicious food that both tastes good and does good is what we do.